LaVoisin Hair Transplant VIP Transfer Services

As LaVoisin Health Tourism, we offer special VIP transfer service in order to maximize the comfort and satisfaction of our hair transplantation customers. Enjoy your hair transplantation journey with LaVoisin!

After a flight that lasts for hours, we pick you up from the airport with our private vehicles and transport you to our clinic comfortably with our luxury vehicles. It is our priority for you to feel comfortable after a tiring trip.

What is VIP Transfer Service?

VIP transfer service is a special and luxurious transportation service. This service generally aims to offer customers a more comfortable and private travel experience. Businesses provide this service by picking up their customers with private vehicles and transporting them to their desired location safely and comfortably. VIP transfer service is usually offered with private chauffeurs, luxury vehicles and additional services.

In the case of LaVoisin Health Tourism, the VIP transfer service aims to provide special comfort and service to hair transplantation customers. This service may include transfers such as picking up clients from the airport and delivering them to accommodation and clinics. It may also include private assistant services, providing customers with a more personal and tailored experience, increasing their satisfaction. VIP transfer service usually includes elements such as luxury vehicles, private drivers, special assistants and personal transfer planning.x”

What Does Our VIP Transfer Services Include?

Airport Transfer

We meet you at the airport with our private vehicle and driver and take you to our clinic on a comfortable journey.

Transfer to Accommodation

We offer a special journey for you, from your accommodation to our clinic. Just relax and we’ll take care of the rest.

Local Transfers

We plan and organize all transfers you may need during your treatment process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Tourism

What is health tourism?

Health tourism is when patients travel to a different country to receive health services.

Why is health tourism preferred?

Health tourism is preferred for reasons such as cost advantages, expertise, short waiting times and the opportunity to combine the holiday experience.

Which health services are offered within the scope of health tourism?

A wide range of services can be offered within the scope of health tourism; surgical operations, plastic surgery, dental treatment, fertility treatments, and more.

What kind of plan should I make for health tourism?

You should make a plan that includes healthcare facilities, doctors and travel arrangements in the destination country.

Should I buy health tourism insurance?

Yes, medical tourism insurance provides protection for unexpected situations or complications.